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Natural light for a better, healthier life!

SunLike® is a technology that promotes health and well-being. In a clinical study, the results showed that SunLike® offers significant health benefits compared to conventional LEDs. The technology matches the natural solar spectrum and enables healthier indoor lighting. SunLike® products are suitable for commercial lighting, museums, residential lighting, etc. where you want high quality in terms of product, light quality and guarantee.

The successful One360° has been extended with our new product One360° SunLike. Equipped with SunLike chip technology.

  • Excellent colour rendering of CRI Ra 98
  • For new build and renovation projects
  • Includes dimmable (TED / phase cut-off) flicker-free driver
  • Tilts 30° in all directions (360°)
  • Suitable for outdoor installation
  • Quick installation: loop in / loop out

Reduziertes blaues Spektrum

SLC One360° SunLike® recessed luminaires use violet LEDs and TRI-R phosphor technology to reduce the blue spectrum of the LED. The graphic compares the blue spectrum of a conventional LED and a SunLike® LED with the sun as a reference.

Sustainably packaged!

The packaging has been designed so that the product is carried by its components. The result is no additional waste such as cardboard, foam or plastic, which saves time during installation. Stack the empty boxes inside each other to facilitate waste disposal and recycle the cardboard to make new packaging.

  • 100% recycled FSC cardboard
  • No plastic bag - and still protected
  • No plastic foam - and still protected
  • Streamlined die-cutting that protects the product
  • No four-colour printing (four printing plates, reduced to one)
  • Instructions for use printed directly on the box
  • No plastic stickers on the product
  • Black ink only - REACH approved
  • Simplified recycling
  • Weight reduction for transport
  • Stackable carton for easy handling