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Safety and emergency lighting

We encounter them in underground car parks, at the workplace, in public buildings, in discos or in shopping centres. Emergency lighting systems are omnipresent. Usually inconspicuous and discreet, they blend in with the impression of the room. 

Emergency lighting is a central component of every fire protection concept. It is necessary to achieve the required level of safety and to provide orientation in an emergency - this can save lives.

The right luminaire for every application

The task of emergency lighting is to protect people in the building and is always the top priority. Even a power failure is enough to cause people to lose their bearings, panic and personal injury. A functioning emergency lighting system is part of panic prevention. In addition, the escape route signage always shows us the way to safe areas, even without a power failure. Another important function is the signposting of aids for firefighting or first aid in the event of injuries.

A good emergency lighting system is characterised by conscientious planning, installation, commissioning and maintenance. We will be happy to advise you on product selection and planning based on our many years of experience. Our offices