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Retail and Shoplighting 

The right lighting is particularly important for the presentation of goods and can make a decisive contribution to the purchasing decision. This applies not only to fashion shops, but also to supermarkets, furniture stores, garden centres, DIY stores, fitness and beauty studios, hairdressing salons and other retail spaces.

Lighting design plays an important role in shop lighting in order to adapt the lighting to the individual areas and guarantee that all products are perceived attractively by the customer. In addition, the right lighting also increases the length of time customers spend in the shop and leads to higher sales. If the sales areas are optimally and attractively illuminated and customers feel comfortable, this can also represent a unique selling point and support the brand CI.

Choosing the right lighting

In order to select the right lighting for a product group, colour temperature (K) and colour rendering index (CRI/Ra) must be taken into account. The two key figures are usually noted on the data sheets of the individual luminaires and provide information about the possible applications in the retail sector

Colour rendering

An important key figure for luminaires in retail lighting is the colour rendering index. In the data sheets of luminaires, this is specified as the CRI or Ra value. The value provides information on how the natural colour of goods and objects appears when they are illuminated by the luminaire. Attention should be paid to values from 80, but luminaires with a CRI value of 90 or higher are the most suitable. Daylight, which has an Ra value of 100 and represents the optimum colour rendering, serves as a guideline.
This value is usually found on light sources. If it is specified for luminaires, these have a permanently installed light source that cannot be replaced.

Colour temperature

Different light colours are used for different goods. It makes a big difference whether vegetables, meat or textiles are to be illuminated. Each area has its own optimum colour temperature to achieve the best possible effect.

Warm white light is mainly used in supermarkets and fresh food counters. Meat, sausage, fish, baked goods, fruit and vegetables are highlighted here. The light colour highlights red tones in particular and makes the food on display appear particularly attractive. The light temperature for these product groups is in the range between 1900 and 3000 Kelvin. Cheese and green vegetables should be displayed at 4000 Kelvin.
In the retail trade, on the other hand, neutral and daylight white are mainly used to present the articles in the right light. This makes it easy to see all the details and colour differences. This is particularly important in the areas of shoes, clothing and make-up in order to improve the customer's shopping experience. Changing rooms in particular present a special challenge when it comes to lighting design.

When selecting the colour temperature, the focus should always be on the natural colour of the goods to be displayed and on enhancing this.

Power tracks for maximum flexibility

Track spotlights are particularly suitable for illuminating shops, as they can be precisely aligned to the goods on display or simply moved if the display changes. This simplifies the presentation of goods and creates a customised sales experience. Supplemented by intelligent control, for example DALI or CASAMBI, the individual luminaires can also be switched on and off and dimmed separately. They are versatile and can be used in all areas of retail lighting, whether in retail, leisure or fitness centres.

In order to be able to offer our customers the best possible service, we work together with Nordic Aluminium, a brand of the LIVAL Group, in lighting design for retail lighting. The Finnish company is Europe's leading manufacturer of track and can look back on many years of experience in this field. LIVAL's product portfolio also includes the popular GLOBAL Trac Pro 3-phase track. The aluminium track is particularly flexible to use and inexpensive, making it the perfect basis for your lighting project. The GLOBAL Trac track is available in three different lengths and can be surface-mounted, suspended and even recessed.

The epitome of modern lighting!

In the meantime, track has become the epitome of modern lighting and has become indispensable, especially in the retail sector. Thanks to their flexibility and simple installation, they form the centrepiece of lighting design, either as the main source of illumination or for the targeted staging of products at the point of sale.

Our colleagues at the Würzburg branch are specialists in their field and can make any shop shine. Whether it's a refurbishment, new opening or upgrade - together with experienced lighting designers, they create customised lighting

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