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Out of love for the environment!

Every morning it rises, every evening it sets, while on the other side of the world it is already at its highest again. The most beautiful light in the world, the sun. Without it, the earth would be cold and uninhabitable. Sunlight puts us in a good mood, provides us with vitamin D, is involved in photosynthesis and plant growth, organises our daily routine and much more. Sunlight is a truly natural phenomenon.

To ensure that the earth with all its facets and numerous natural spectacles continues to be preserved for us, we at LICHTZENTRALE are committed to environmentally friendly and sustainable action. Always under the motto "Actions not words."

Packaging is essential, it protects the product, fulfils hygiene regulations and extends shelf life. But it is precisely in the area of packaging that we see great potential when it comes to using natural resources responsibly. We are proud to say that we have already switched to organic packaging material. In addition, our order pooling enables us to consolidate orders, which results in huge savings in packaging material and logistics costs.

But we don't want to rest on our laurels. It is very important to us to continue improving our processes in the future in order to constantly increase our ecological footprint. For example, a photovoltaic system is already being planned for our new warehouse, which will enable us to convert sunlight into electricity with the help of solar cells.

But we are only strong together!

We as a company are not the only ones with a responsibility to act in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner. You, our valued customers and business partners, can also make a big difference with small actions. By switching to organic packaging, we have taken the first step in the right direction. Now it is up to you to dispose of the packaging properly so that it can be returned to the material cycle. We are counting on your support and also greatly appreciate the measures you take to improve the environment.