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Energy optimisation

The cost-effectiveness of a lighting solution is determined not only by acquisition costs and energy consumption, but above all by individual utilisation requirements.Energy costs can be greatly reduced with professional LED lighting and have a positive effect on the company's fixed costs.

But even in private homes, people are paying more and more attention to energy and environmentally efficient lighting and lower electricity costs. Therefore, the topics of energy saving and energy optimisation are of concern to everyone. For social reasons too, energy optimisation is rightly becoming an increasingly important aspect of sustainable lighting solutions.


Ecologically minded, economically made

With detailed analyses by our lighting specialists, we help you to find the best solution for your lighting system, both economically and ecologically. In addition to analysing the current situation and developing an energy-optimised lighting concept, we are also happy to answer any questions you may have about financing, light leasing and applying for BEG subsidies. Our extensive range includes suitable energy-efficient and subsidisable products that will sustainably reduce your energy consumption and therefore your costs.

Funding for efficient lighting

Anyone who wants to build or renovate an energy-efficient building can apply for funding. Since 1 January 2021, the Federal Subsidy for Efficient Buildings (BEG) has been promoting investments in renewable energies and energy efficiency. This requires an energy efficiency expert to confirm that the planned construction measures meet the requirements of a specific energy efficiency standard. This confirmation must be attached to the subsidy application. An energy efficiency expert is therefore essential in order to receive funding for energy-efficient construction and renovation.

Energy consulting services

What is subsidised in the BEG EM - individual measure?

All measures on buildings that improve energy efficiency are eligible for funding. This also includes measures for energy-saving lighting, including control and regulation technologies. In addition, the specialised planning and construction supervision of the measures by energy efficiency experts can be subsidised. Certain (technical) requirements and restrictions apply to the BEG.

Who is eligble?

All investors of eligible measures in residential and non-residential buildings are eligible to apply. This includes homeowners, contractors, companies, non-profit organisations and local authorities.

What does an energy efficiency expert do?

It is necessary to consult an energy efficiency expert for certain measures as part of the BEG application process. This also applies to lighting systems, among other things. The energy efficiency consultant draws up a technical project description, provides support with the specialised energy planning and hands over the so-called TPB ID required for the application to the client. After completion of the construction work, he confirms compliance with the minimum technical requirements for achieving the required energy level, which is relevant for the payment of the subsidy.

How do we support you with the BEG funding programme?

Our lighting specialists will advise you competently and independently on all necessary measures for BEG funding. This includes specialist technical planning in the form of lighting and amortisation calculations/ROI calculations, as well as a detailed analysis and evaluation of the system technology, including all existing factors and framework conditions. We take over the technical project planning, documentation and the entire coordination for you - if desired, right up to the joint completion of the BAFA application.