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Light management - efficient & convenient

Intelligent lighting means that the right amount of light is available at the right time and that the stimulating effect of daylight is utilised - for greater well-being at work or at home. Modern lighting technology is needs-orientated, ergonomic, comfortable and energy-saving.

Conventional lighting can only fulfil needs-based lighting, user orientation, safety, well-being and visual ergonomics to a limited extent. Intelligent lighting management is the solution for indoor and outdoor lighting. Provided the system is set up accordingly, lighting management is also energy-saving and economically attractive.

Components of light management

Various modules that can be used in a variety of expansion stages and in combination:

  • Light sensors on task lights
  • Light sensors in the room
  • Outdoor light sensors
  • Programmed light scenes for various activities
  • Switching the lighting with motion detectors depending on presence
  • Control of the lighting level depending on daylight


  • Luminaire or luminaire groups can be addressed individually
  • The lighting system must be able to operate in several switching and dimming states

Lighting management systems
Lighting is controlled by lighting management systems and adapted to individual requirements at all times. These include motion and presence detectors, light sensors and smart home solutions. Individual lights can be controlled and regulated separately via apps and/or switches so that lights can also be linked or operated individually in individual rooms.

Lighting scenes
Appropriate lighting in conference and meeting rooms improves the audience's receptiveness. The right lighting can be created in rooms of any size thanks to demand-led lighting.

Control according to presence
Motion detectors save energy and therefore costs. The lighting time can be set individually, especially in less frequented rooms or corridors. 

Daylight control
With the help of light sensors, daylight is optimally utilised through adapted brightness control, thereby saving energy.

Do you need help with light management? We will be happy to help you. Our Offices