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Design and living space

"Design is art in the second power. You have to multiply aesthetics with purpose fulfilment. This removes it from the dimension of art. Art pursues aesthetics for the sake of aesthetics. It is one-dimensional."

The true art of good interior design is to create an appealing ambience and at the same time not allow the lighting to become an end in itself.

The architecture of the building in conjunction with the furniture, the structural design and the appropriate functional lighting, combined with precise lighting accentuation, must result in a harmonious overall concept.

Form follows function

The first rule of good design is "form follows function". Functional lighting combined with an attractive appearance - that is good design. Despite a not insignificant focus on design, the functional aspect is at the forefront of most luminaires. Finding a symbiosis between technology and design is essential for a good designer luminaire manufacturer. 

We offer you a wide range of design pieces, a small selection of which can also be found in our lighting trends catalogue or in the current core range. Why don't you browse through them?

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