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Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting must ensure one thing above all: safety and orientation at dusk and in the dark. Obstacles need to be recognised, signs and information need to be found and paths need to be secured to reduce the risk of accidents. Under certain circumstances, outdoor lighting can even ensure that uninvited guests on your property are deterred or driven away. Illuminated house numbers can also make it easier for visitors to find your property, making it easier for the police and ambulance to do their job in an emergency.
The requirement for good outdoor lighting is a permanently high quality of light and glare-free lighting, as well as the most economical operation of each individual luminaire.

Technical requirements

The technical requirements for outdoor lighting are demanding: robustness, ease of installation, low maintenance, durability and maximum energy efficiency. As outdoor lighting is an integral part of a building and its location for a long time, the design is an important component of identity and also the key to emotional attachment.

However, special requirements are necessary for outdoor lighting and may require the involvement of an expert in order to fulfil individual lighting requirements and avoid faults or defects.

Whether illuminating buildings, sculptures and landscapes, gardens or securing paths, streets and squares in accordance with standards, whether a light-based orientation concept or a stylish addition to architecture, we will be happy to advise you.

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